Athlete Application Form

The Saint John Jeux Canada Games Foundation, Inc.
Athlete Application Form

  • Athletes only in Canada game sports are eligible.
  • Athletes over 30 are not eligible.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support athlete training so that they are able to pursue excellence in sport. Athletes must have the potential to be among the best in Canada, have demonstrated dedication to their sport, have special needs not covered through regular program funding, and must not be subsidized by national programs (i.e. hold a national card)

Please list your best, and most recent national and provincial achievements/awards, and the date they were achieved. Include the number of competitors in the event you competed in.

Athlete Plans and Finances

Please provide a brief description of your competition and training plans for the next 1-2 years. Include details of your travel schedule. Conclude the section by stating your performance goals for this period.

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