Who Can Apply and what are the criteria used for grants?

Athletes must have the potential to be among the best in Canada, have demonstrated dedication to their sport, have special needs not covered through regular program funding, and must not be subsidized by national programs (i.e. hold a national card)

Coaches at a national, provincial and club level who are actively upgrading their skills and require assistance to fund their development.

The foundation does not provide funding to officials.

Who approves the grant applications?

An independent committee evaluates all applications recommending approval and the financial amounts. The board makes final approval of all applications at their semi-annual board meetings.

How much money should I apply for?

Applicants can request funding using the following criteria guidelines.

Athlete grants are given based around the following ranges.

Coach grants are given based around the following ranges.

How often can someone apply?

Only one application is acceptable in a twelve month period.