Coach Application Form

The Saint John Jeux Canada Games Foundation, Inc.
Coach Application Form

  • Applicant authorizes to review Locker ID.
  • Professional coaches are ineligible for funding.
  • Funding available up to level 3 competitive development.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the education, training and upgrading of coach certification (NCCP) up to the level of level 3 competitive development to enable coaches to pursue and develop excellence in sport. Coaches must have demonstrated dedication to their sport, and have special needs not covered through regular program funding.

Please list your most recent, noteworthy coaching honors, and the date they were achieved. Include athletes coached and how long.

Coach Plans and Finances

Please provide a detailed description and timeline of the coaching projects that are for the training, educational development and upgrading of coach certification (NCCP) for which you are making a request. Please note that the Foundation does not consider requests to assist coaches to accompany athletes to competitions or camps unless it includes a specifically organized coach development opportunity.

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